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Mule Deer and Elk

Mesquite River Outfitters books guided Mule Deer and Elk hunts on the Henderson Family ranches located near Flying H, New Mexico.  With just under 10,000 acres of PRIVATE ranch land in the foothills of the Sacramento Mountains of south central New Mexico, a hunter can be guaranteed an incredible hunting experience. There are no high fences on the ranches, making any animal taken eligible for Boone & Crockett or Pope & Young awards.

The ranch is located approximately 25 miles southeast of Ruidoso, New Mexico and borders the Mescalero Apache Indian Reservation. The terrain is rugged with deep canyons and elevations ranging from 5,600 feet to over 7,000 feet. Cover varies from open areas on the east to juniper, pinon and ponderosa pines on the west. Hunting areas are in Unit 32 (east of the county road) and Unit 34 (west of the county road.)

  rifle ELK  
  Sam Henderson, Sr. took this elk three weeks shy of this 88th birthday.  It was taken at a distance of 350 yards.  Sam has cataracts in his shooting eye and sees the crosshairs in his scope as a "Z."  When taking this elk he says he could only see the horns, so he followed them down to where he thought their base would be and pulled the trigger.
The elk went down without taking a step!
  6 x 6 Bull Elk taken by Sam Henderson, Sr. on the last day
of the 2010 hunting season -- three weeks shy of his 87th birthday.
  rifle Mule Deer  
  Muzzleloader Mule Deer  
    The Big One!
Taken in 1958 by Sam Henderson, Sr.  Chromo, CO. The deer weighed 275 pounds after dressing, and had a 38 inch spread with 18 points.

  Hunt Packages:  
3-day Mule Deer Hunts,
Rifle and Muzzleloader
1 buck per hunter; maximum of 6 rifle hunters per year. All hunts are guided 2:1 trophy hunts $3,550
5-day Mule Deer Archery Hunt (January) Semi-guided over waterholes or spot and stalk (wounded is considered taken). $2,850
Elk Hunts Elk hunts are available on a limited basis. Contact Sam Henderson, Jr or Hunter Henderson for more information.  
Barbary/Auodad Sheep Hunts

Rifle hunts Guided spot and stalk. Expect 25” to 30” rams

plus $500
trophy fee
If blood is drawn the animal is considered harvested
    Old Road Canyon on the New Mexico Ranch.

The Oldtimers say Henry Tunstall of the famed Lincoln County War was killed in this canyon. Historians with New Mexico magazine write that Mr. Tunstall was killed just after lunch while riding from his ranch on the Felix Creek to the town of Lincoln.  Billy the Kid worked for Mr. Tunstall. When Billy sought revenge he started The Lincoln County War.
  Thank you for your interest in Mesquite River Outfitters Hunting in Texas and New Mexico. If you have any questions, please call 325-853-1543. Don't go through another season without us.  
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PO Box 391 :: Eldorado, Texas, 76936
Phone: 325-853-1543 :: Email: mrohunts@verizon.net

hunter Henderson
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Phone: 817-600-6393 :: Email: badheart1@live.com

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